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Your most personalised tour operator to the Indian Ocean.

Luxury is in the experience, the convenience, and the attention to detail

Our story began when the duos Indira & Ramindu created Tropical Vacations back in 2009. The journey began with a thorough research which gained them own hands on experience as holiday makers in the island. This lead to hand-pick the luxury hotels to recommended excursions that we Tropical Vacations promote to our own clients at present. Their European exposure; as they live most of their time in Britain, always made them see Sri Lanka & Maldives as a tourist and know what the European holiday maker seeks. Their undivided passion for tropical holidays and intense focus on ‘attention to detail’ always guided them in the right direction. After 3 years of long, strenuous research and ground work, Tropical Vacations launched catering the luxury holiday makers.

Our most unique aspect is, that we offer very close personalized service, disregarding the length of your stay .

Our effort is to deliver our services in a more enlightened manner.

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The Travel Duos

Explorers by profession

A Business graduate from the University of London,Ramindu’s passion for travel is driven by his curiosity for history, philosophy and culture. With professional experience spanning in the fields of Business and Technology, he denes his interest in travelling as a passion to bridge countries.

Ramindu’s travel adventures began many years ago when he led his School team to climb the Himalayas as a mere 19 year old. On this excursion, the party went on to set a new record, reaching 17,500ft at the west end of the Everest in its harsh winter.

Belongs to a family consist of business veterans in the travel industry, gave him strong insights of how the travel industry works. His background in Technology and understanding of International Relations has allowed him to open convenient communication channels which most of his clients presently enjoy.

An avid travel enthusiast, Indira in a career spanning over 11 years has ventured into a multitude of destinations, garnering experience and extensive knowledge of the travel industry. Indira has travelled extensively throughout the island in the past six years and draws from her experiences in to supervise the entire product range oered by Tropical Vacations.

As a travel acionado whose lifestyle preference is closely aligned with her career, Indira places great emphasis on personalized service, luxury travel and insightful experiences. Many hours of her day are spent perfecting the product and services offered by Tropical Vacations in order to meet and exceed her own high expectations and those of its discerning clientele.

In her free time, Indira enjoys bird watching, yoga and engaging in adventure and water sports.


Some of her favourites,

One of her favourites, the train ride from Kandy to Ella, with the sight of those tea estates